‘The Beachhead’ is on sale!

From now until Christmas ‘The Beachhead’ is $0.99 on Amazon.com and £0.99 on Amazon.co.uk.  Buy it while it’s cheap!


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Young Adult thriller ‘The Beachhead’ now available

My new Young Adult thriller is now available from Amazon.com, Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada:


Fifteen-year old Will awakens in a vast underground bunker called the Beachhead, controlled by a supercomputer named REX. Will, like the other twenty-three teenage occupants, cannot remember his past life and immediately vows to escape. But two years later he’s still there. Soon there comes a turning point in Will’s life: REX opens an enormous steel door to the outside world.

While other Beachheaders enjoy their newfound freedom on a tropical island paradise, Will plans his escape. Gradually he discovers allies: other teenagers in the Beachhead whom he recruits and builds into an effective team. But who can Will trust and who is going to betray him? There are rival conspirators, lackeys of REX, watching Will’s every move. How far are they prepared to go? Can Will and his friends make it past the perilous sub-levels of the Beachhead and through dangerous forest and swamps? What secret weapons is the all-seeing, all-hearing REX about to throw at them?

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My new Young Adult thriller ‘The Beachhead’

Here’s a ‘sneak peek’ of the cover of my forthcoming Young Adult thriller:


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FREE until Friday, 15th July only: ‘Meaner Things’ by David Anderson

Get your free copy by clicking here.

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My new thriller ‘Meaner Things’ has been published

Meaner Things by David Anderson

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new thriller Meaner Things.

It’s available here:

Meaner Things on Amazon.com

Meaner Things on Amazon.ca

Meaner Things on Amazon.co.uk

‘Kept me gripped to the last page’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of ‘Cold Kill’.

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How does one find agents to query?

Another question I’ve been asked is: how does one find agents to query?  After all, there are thousands of agents out there and nobody can or should query them all!  Somehow one has to be selective in a more than arbitrary way.

I’m in Canada so can only speak from a Canadian perspective.  One source I’ve used for a long time is Brian Henry’s Quick Brown Fox blog:

Often he will post about agencies with new agents looking for authors and what kind of manuscripts they’re interested in seeing.

Some more useful pages:

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